An Open, Accessible, and Transparent Local Government

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Constituent Outreach

Evan believes democracy works best when representatives know their constituents and constituents know their representatives. He is committed to being open and accessible to all residents of District 4. Under the charter passed by Amherst voters, district councilors must hold at least two district meetings per year open to all residents. Evan commits to holding more frequent district meetings, in addition to hosting more informal opportunities to talk with him about town issues (similar to Town Manager Paul Bockelman's Cuppa' Joe with Paul). He will also use email and social media to connect and converse with residents of District 4, and to keep constituents informed about the actions of the Council throughout the year. 


Government Transparency & Campaign Finance

As Amherst shifts its form of government there are legitimate questions and concerns around issues of transparency. Evan commits to upholding the highest standards of transparency and openness in government, including working to ensure all documents, information, and deliberations are accessible to the public, and welcoming residents who attend council meetings. Included in questions about transparency are issues of campaign finance. Evan supports a local campaign finance bylaw that tightens contribution limits beyond the state restrictions.