Opportunity for All Residents


A Modern Library System

Libraries are more than just a repository for books. They are a valued resource to the community, especially for teens, seniors, English Language Learners, and low income residents. For many, they provide essential services and pathways to greater opportunity. But our library isn't currently able to meet the demands of our town and must adapt. We need more space for English Language learning classes, space for teens, and available computers for low income residents. We must ensure the library has the space and capacity to meet the needs of all residents.


A Safe Community for All

Many traditionally marginalized and disadvantaged communities are experiencing warranted anxiety in our national political climate. Amherst should ensure that all members of the community feel safe. Evan supports the 2017 bylaw designating Amherst a Sanctuary Community, and believes Amherst should be a safe and welcoming place for immigrants. He also believes the town should show support for its residents of color, its LGBT community, and all communities targeted by the current federal administration. This requires listening to those communities and making sure they have a seat at the table in all discussions.