Evan's Priorities



Amherst's real estate market is tough. Rental vacancy rates are low, housing costs are high, and rental conversions are changing the character of neighborhoods. Town Council must make housing a priority.


A Thriving Amherst Center

Amherst Center is Amherst's commercial hub, sporting retail, restaurants, offices, and entertainment. It's also a destination.  Let's support Amherst's local businesses, cultivate tourism, and broaden Amherst's tax base while maintaining its historic charm.


Better Schools

Amherst has a strong public school system with dedicated faculty and staff working to develop educated and active students. It is not uncommon to hear someone say “I moved here because of the schools.” But we can do better.


Healthy & Sustainable Communities

Development in Amherst should focus around a core set of sustainable principles, including focusing development in village centers while preserving rural areas and farmland, supporting multimodal transportation options, and providing recreational opportunities to support healthy citizens.


An Open, Transparent, and Accessible Town Council

As public servants, town councilors should be open and accessible to the public. Evan commits to open dialogue with his constituents and building a council that is open and transparent.


Opportunity for All

Amherst is a diverse town. We need to ensure all residents feel supported and safe, and provide access to opportunity for all.


Climate Change

Amherst is already feeling the effects of climate change, from heat waves to summer drought. We need to do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while taking proactive steps to build resilience against a changing climate.